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DTRA Kick-off Presentations

Vanderbilt Radiation Effects Research, Institute for Space and Defense Electronics   (Ron Shrimpf, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, PowerPoint 6.1 M)

Introduction to ISDE  (Lloyd Massengill, ISDE, PowerPoint 1.5M)

Impact of Complex Material Systems on the Radiation Response of Advanced Semiconductors  (Robert Reed, ISDE, PowerPoint 2.5M)

Mechanisms of Ionization-Induced Carrier Transport and Collection in Next-Generation III-V Structures   (Dale McMorrow, Radiation Effects Section, Naval Research Laboratory, PowerPoint 2.7M)

Fundamental Aspects of Radiation Event Generation for Electronics and Engineering Research   (Robert Weller, ISDE, PowerPoint 2.0M)

eDensity Movie  (requires Real Player)